All About Braces: From Your Trusted North Shore Orthodontists

This is where you will find more detailed information on braces, which are used by orthodontists in conjunction with orthodontic arch wires to remove teeth.

Types of Braces 

You or your child may be considering orthodontic treatment or you or your child may be about to commence orthodontic treatment, so you may be interested in the different types of braces. 
Takapuna Orthodontic Group is your trusted North Shore orthodontists. As orthodontists we live and breathe braces, if you are interested to find out which braces would be right for you, we have a brief introduction to the various types of braces that you may find in your consultation.

Learn more about the different types of braces.

Braces Care

Alternatively, if you are already under the care of one of our orthodontists we would recommend checking out our webpage on braces care. The webpage on braces care provides information on what to do after hours and advice on cleaning your braces.

Find out more about how to take good care of your braces.

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