What We Do

While the scientific literature demonstrates that early orthodontic treatment is for the most part unnecessary there are specific situations in which early treatment can be used to correct problems which may worsen over time if not addressed in the early stages.
This category of orthodontic treatment tends to coincide with the eruption of most of the adult or permanent teeth which is consistent with the goal of a achieving a healthy well-functioning bite (occlusion), with good facial balance and a radiant smile to carry into adulthood. We produce most of our treatment results using braces.
Specialist orthodontic services can be implemented at almost any stage in life and a growing number of patients are seeking orthodontic treatment in adulthood. Orthodontics can be utilised as a stand-alone treatment to straighten teeth, improve the bite and address smile aesthetics or in combination with the other specialties of dentistry to facilitate a wider treatment goal.
Surgical orthodontics combines a blend of orthodontic treatment with braces and surgery to move the teeth and their supporting jaw bones. Combined surgical/orthodontic treatment is a form of specialist patient care provided by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and an orthodontist. Surgery is reserved for patients who present with a mal-relationship in the position of their upper and lower jaws, a related discrepancy in their bite and disharmony in the balance of their faces.